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Bath-shaped basins dated to the Bronze and Iron Ages, discovered in both burial and habitation contexts, have been interpreted as either burial coffins or bathing tubs that reflect immigration or elite emulation of foreign traditions.

I have previously proposed that Bronze Age bath-shaped basins were used for processing wool. Why do I suggest wool processing? My hypothesis is based on contextual associations between Bronze Age bath-shaped basins and textile equipment, and architectural similarities to Roman period wool fulling workshops.

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Fulling, the technique of matting a woolen textile to form a finished fabric, is a technological improvement in textile production that creates a stronger weave. Written documents from as early as Neo-Sumerian Mesopotamia are replete with references to professional fullers and fulled wool, yet no Bronze or Iron Age fulling establishment has ever been recognized in the archaeological record.

Fulleries have been identified in the classical world, but the fuller and his craft are virtually unknown in earlier contexts. This project is part of a multi-faceted research design that tests the hypothesis that bath-shaped installations reflect the archaeological visibility of wool fulling. My objective this spring was a contextual study of the Iron II examples.

A concurrent study compares ancient, historic and ethnographic installations for residue and use-wear patterns. Together, this research should fill in the gaps between early textual references to fulling and evidence for fulling in the Classical World. In the end, my research objective is to investigate the impact of technological change in textile production on the Late Bronze and Iron Age BCE economies of the Near East and eastern Mediterranean.

A comparison of the Mesopotamian and southern Levantine burial contexts reflects similarity only in the amount of variation that both assemblages demonstrate—burials in bath-shaped basins are found together with other burial forms and in both intra- and extra-mural locations.

I have also observed that the southern Levantine assemblage of bath-shaped basins differs from Multiway Casino X Club Wrestling part common Mesopotamian form—the majority of those in the southern Levant have handles and are Pokies Casino Fiz Reviews For Murder triangular in shape. The association between Iron Age bath-shaped installations and the textile industry is not as clear as it is in the Bronze Age.

Eventually I hope to conclusively demonstrate Australia Casino Fiz Reviews For Murder these installations were best suited for crafts manufacture.

If so, Assyrian palaces and monumental residencies may have served in part as production centers. A similar perspective is currently applied in the Aegean, where Mycenaean palaces are recognized as crafts production centers. The presence of bath-shaped installations in the southern Levant, then, could be understood, not as reflecting foreign bathing etiquette or burial traditions, but the technological transfer of a new industrial technology.

The opportunity to conduct research at the Albright has been extremely beneficial and I thank the AIAR director and staff for providing an enriching and rewarding experience, and the NEH for supporting my research.

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It works primarily through an astonishingly good performance by Daniel Henshall as Bunting. Compact, stout, muscular, he has beady eyes that twinkle as he plays the provider and protector. Look at the sunny smile and encouraging expression that feel so sinister. With inexorable slowness, he tightens his grip on the family until he has complete mastery. He is presumably the lover of the mother, Elizabeth Louise Harris but uses her primarily for access to her three sons.

She is a drab, unkempt woman, hardly even speaking, the light dead in her eyes. The film marks the directorial debut of Justin Kurzelwho has an impressive command of mood. His colors tend toward gray and lifeless. His characters sit exhausted in the house or on the porch and smoke, smoke, smoke. There is something disgusting about his manner of feeding himself; how is he able to suggest that he would be entitled every bite even if he were in a room of starving people? The plot and characters are slightly muddled.

Not everything is explained. Bunting enlists neighbors in kitchen table conversations about pedophiles and gays, and directs the talk about what should be done to them: You load new ones in via the iOS app, but they're auto-populated from the iPhone dialler's Favourites function when you set up your Watch.

You shortcut to interactions like Messaging and Phone from each of these friend's faces, and if they have a Watch connected to the phone you have the number for, you can send them a Digital Touch sketch or hold two fingers on the face to send your pulse.

It's meant to be a cute way to get in touch with someone, and it feels like a grown-up version of what that obnoxious Yo app was meant to be. Part of the Apple Watch's appeal is that you can do simple phone functions from your wrist.

You can take calls and activate Siri without getting your phone out of your pocket. It's a great little function, but the speaker isn't as Pokies Casino Fiz Reviews For Murder as it could be.

Taking calls in loud, crowded environments is almost impossible on the Watch, forcing you to pause the conversation, pull out your phone and hand-off the call in order to keep talking. The microphone, on the other hand, is always crystal clear. People I was chatting to never knew if they were being spoken to through the Watch or through the iPhone. Watch OS centres around the face and the home screen, navigated between by the aforementioned Digital Crown.

The face gives you access to the time duhbut also to a Notifications pane, accessed by swiping down from the top, and a Glances section, accessed from swiping up from the bottom. Notifications are pushed to your watch just like they are with Android Wear and Tizen, and allow you to respond either with your voice, or with a smart selection of pre-written messages based on the context of what you were sent.

We'll come back to these in a second. Glances is a cool little thing that's a lot like Google Now cards for your Watch. Swipe up from the bottom and you get a card for everything from Now Playing on your selected music app, Calendar appointments, Weather in your favourite locations, Battery information, your heart rate at that given moment and your Activity summary.

You don't have to wait Lumiere Casino Careers get set up to be impressed by the Apple Watch OS, however. From the second you put it on, the Apple Watch is doing freaking cool stuff. Rather than pair with your iPhone using the traditional method of selecting a new Bluetooth device from your iPhone, the built-in Apple Watch app which everyone has now makes you scan a 21st Century QR code in the form of a buzzing nebula cloud on the Watch screen.

Seconds later, the two are paired. It's the best way I've ever seen to pair a new gadget. From there, the whole set-up process takes about minutes depending on how many apps you have. It's something Apple did for me in the set-up and something I've advised other to do since.

The Watch comes with pre-installed first-party apps that let you use the wristable like a very basic iPhone. You get a cut-down Messages app, the phone app with speaker functionality, a svelte Mail client, Calendar, Activity monitor and Maps app to name a few. Other notable features include a built-in Remote app for your Apple gadgets on the same network as you, a Camera shutter remote for your iPhone, Music app and a Pokies Casino Fiz Reviews For Murder app.

There are also a whole bunch of watch-centric apps you'd expect on something you strap to your wrist. You can then install new apps from the Featured tab inside your Apple Watch iPhone app. The Watch app experience is a little different to installing apps on a Tizen or Android Wear device. Instead of buying and installing apps specifically for the watch, you install an iPhone app first which has a secondary Watch app component. Say you download Instagram, for example.

Once you've Got Pokies Casino Fiz Reviews For Murder, the App Store downloads with it a stealthy little companion app for your Watch, which sits inside the Apple Watch settings pane on your iPhone. It's your choice whether you activate that Instagram component on your Watch, but activating it simply places the shortcut icon on the Watch OS home screen ready for use.

This can be kind of weird for apps specifically designed for Apple Watch, seeing as how their parent app has to live on your iPhone. It downloaded it to the phone which lets me set recipes from the IFTTT store and send them to Princess Online Casino companion app on the Watch. I'm probably not going to use the iPhone app ever again, but still the icon sits there on my home screen gathering digital dust.

Worse than that is the lack of app support for Watch right now from big third-party developers. I know this review comes less than a week after the product's official release date, but they've all had software development kit access for months. Why is it taking so long for big players to release apps that let their customers interact with a highly-anticipated new product?

We mentioned Notifications earlier. This is one of the features hamstrung by the lack of app support. When a new event happens on your iPhone, it figures out your iPhone screen is off and immediately pushes it to your wrist.

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It's worth noting for a second that it doesn't buzz you twice for most Notifications like Android Wear does, which is nice. From there your Watch checks that you've got an app you can action the specific Notification with, and gives you a few options. Say you get a text message or iMessage, it lets you respond with those pre-selected messages or with Siri Dictation. That's all well and good, and a real time-saver when it comes to responding quickly to messages and even answering phone calls.

That tiny speaker really makes you feel like Dick Tracey. What's annoying is when the app you have on your phone doesn't offer any bespoke interaction for the Watch. For the most part, I'm looking at Twitter and Facebook.

These two massive social networks that connect everyone don't have support for the Apple Watch at launch, when they've had months to work on it? Facebook's standalone Messenger app gives you one Notification at a time, and doesn't give you the ability to expand a stack of messages if you get more than one before clearing it.

Either way, you'll need to get your iPhone out anyway to respond to the message, because Apple and Facebook clearly aren't getting along. File that under "how hard can it be? Apple's personal assistant plays a starring role on the Apple Watch as the one who takes all your voice notes. It can't talk to you this time around like it does on the iPhone, but it gives you nice clear feedback on a new, simplified dictation screen that should be ported over to iOS.

You activate Siri by long-pressing the Digital Crown, or by saying "Hey Siri" while the screen is active. It's worth cutting straight to the chase on this one and saying that Siri has the same problems on Watch as it does on iOS:

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